Artist of the Month - August 2022

Each Artist Group selects a member to feature each month
SCULPTORS - Erik Olson

"After decades working as a motion picture art director and architect where everything needed to make sense, this work does not require it.

"Instead, the considerations of this work are: form, color, alignment, and space. Space or the negation of space is the center focus. In varying amounts, the interplay of these elements are all working in concert and define the relationship of one to the other."

IMAGE: Exploded Billboard, birch plywood, clear pine, and acrylic paint, 24”L x 14”H x 11”D

PAINTERS - Jim Tyler

Jim Tyler paints exclusively with pastel. Largely self-taught, he began working with pastel at an early age and began painting seriously in 2001. Since that time he has been featured in Pastel Journal Magazine and has won awards at numerous national shows.

Jim has been awarded Signature status with the Pastel Society of the West Coast and the Sierra Pastel Society, and is a founding member of the California Central Coast Pastel Society.

The artist’s distinctive style can be seen through his focus on lighting and composition. The scenes that capture Jim’s eye consistently have strong lighting and deep shadows, and he uses the richness of pastel to capture that boldness in his paintings. Tyler regularly teaches pastel workshops in San Luis Obispo. In addition to painting, Tyler is an award-winning photographer, specializing in B&W figure and portrait photography.

His work has been shown in various galleries and on television on the sets of “Gossip Girl” and “The Carrie Diaries.” It is currently available at SLO Gallery in San Luis Obispo. 

IMAGE: A Quiet Self-Confidence, pastel, 16 x 20”

CRAFTMAKERS - Dena Mara Kuhn

"I’m a Serial Obsessive, finding satisfaction and pleasure in quite different disciplines through my design and art careers.

"My first love was calligraphy, but my career, broad; in Graphic Design, and after receiving my BFA in Visual Communications, designed for Northern Arizona University (NAU) for five years, and then two years for Grand Canyon National Park.

"DierkerDesign Studio in Flagstaff was my focus for 20 years. My foci, design for print, from NAU’s Annual Report, to award-winning book design for National Parks, enjoying designing a wide range of print for both entities, and in my own studio for clients, as well. I have also taught Calligraphy, Typography and Graphic Design at NAU.

"My current love is “Artist’s Books,” and this includes Graphic Design, sometimes Calligraphy, Painting, and constructing the book by hand.

"My website features work from the last 10 years here on the Central Coast and includes Painting, Composited Photography, Augmented Reality Mandalas and three different series of painted, moving Mandalas (for Apple TV)."

IMAGE: Fanning Awareness, artist books, mixed media

PHOTOGRAPHY - Nelson Decker

"Like a lot of us I have been a photographer most of my life but did not get serious about it until I retired and had the time to really dive into it. I traveled the world as a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard and Merchant Marine from the Arctic to the Antarctic and a lot of places in between, with camera in hand and very basic skill and understanding.

"I ended up living in the Northern Interior of Alaska for over 20 years where I spent every free moment traveling the state but mostly exploring Denali on multi day/week backpacking trips, always with a disposable camera in hand because of weight issues.

"Retiring 15 years ago, I left Alaska and ended up here on the Central Coast where I have devoted my time to photography. My passions are birds, wildlife and astro photography. I think of my images as art, and my favorite compliment is that my images look like a painting.

"My greatest accomplishment as a photographer was being asked to be the first participant at Isle Royale National Park, a primitive, isolated, rugged, unspoiled island in the middle of Lake Superior, as a National Park Service photographer for two weeks. My images have been published on NPS websites, Park newspapers and other media outlets."

IMAGE: Landing, photograph

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