Artist of the Month - May 2022

Each Artist Group selects a member to feature each month
SCULPTORS - Larry LeBrane

Larry Le Brane creates eclectic art by combining fused glass, found objects, off materials, drawing, painting and whimsy. He has an MFA from Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, and has taught fine art at Orange Coast College and Cuesta College for over 40 years. He teaches fused glass in his Baywood Park studio.

He has served as Juror for regional exhibitions. His award-winning sculpture and fine art are regularly featured in exhibitions and are included in public and private art collections nationwide.

Larry says, “Each project is a journey where I’ve never been before, or to a place I revisit by taking a different route. The simplest idea leads to an unknown destination. I follow my Muse.”

IMAGE: Form Sans Function, fused and tempered shattered glass, clarinet, horse tack, metal, wood. 14” W x 25.5” H x 7” D

PAINTERS - Linda DeRosa

Linda’s favorite part of the creative process is expressing her feelings while her eldest son with severe autism plays on his grand piano. Linda is intrigued by the countless combinations of textures, layers and colors. She begins by choosing colors and planning the desired contrast. Then she gets absorbed in the rhythm of the music.

The process connects her with him and the pieces he chooses to play. Though he lacks the words, he communicates his emotions through his music, and she displays them in her paintings. Her son has been an inspiration to her whole family.

Linda’s paintings are characterized by expressive bold palette knife strokes, textures, and vibrant colors. They are filled with energy and intensity. She lives in Arroyo Grande with her husband and three children.

IMAGE: Go With The Waves, acrylics, 16x16” 

CRAFTMAKERS - Sharon Rossi

"I feel a strong bond with the unheralded women artists of the past who created original designs and strong emotional statements using traditional handcraft mediums.

"My style is improvisational and fluid; I aspire to be a “Jazz Textile Artist.” Using traditionally “feminine” mediums, I create protest art, exploring contemporary societal issues including femicide, guns, controversial scientific advancements, environmental impacts, and forced migration. I also create art relating to personal issues such as insomnia, family ties, and the nature of memory."

N.B.: Sharon currently has six art quilts on display at the Cambria Center for the Arts in the new CCA Studio.

IMAGE: Planet FireFox, embroidery thread on hand-marbled silk over batting, hand quilted. Framed: 17” square


"From about age 6, sitting on the living room floor at my grandparents’ home watching slide shows of their travels — narrated by my grandmother, who was also the photographer — to Alaska, Europe, Asia and beyond, my infatuation with travel and capturing images began. But not until my move to the Central Coast almost seven years ago did I really begin pursuing my passion for nature and wildlife in photographs.

"While there are so many wonderful places to go in the County for specific scenes or wildlife, my greatest joy comes from just being anywhere in nature, treated to a special experience.

"I’m so happy to have found a wonderful group of friends who share this passion."

IMAGE: Sweet Bobcat, photograph

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