Artist of the Month - December 2022

Each Artist Group selects a member to feature each month
SCULPTORS - Ken Wilbanks

Ken Wilbanks is an abstract sculptor working primarily in laminated birch, integrally colored plywood and hardwoods. "Plywoods are a sustainable resource as well as a rather basic building material, generally used for cabinet making and sheathing in construction. The humble nature of the material separates it from the precious. An everyday resource ascends to celebrate a new artistic level."

"Influences arise from the fundamental three dimensional design world and organic shapes which occur in nature. Repetition of form and pattern are explored in tangent with a keen appreciation for serendipity and the element of surprise. Textures appear as if by magic. Various linear forms inherent within the shaped plywood layers reveal themselves through planned lamination configuration and angular sculpting. The endless variety of effects available through this process provide a perfect medium for personal expression in conceptual thinking. Gratification for the artist is complete!"

IMAGE: SplashDown, created from structural composite lumber used as large-scale construction beams, 20”h x 24”w x 24”d

PAINTERS - Dianne Ravin

"Painting and drawing have been a part my life though all its phases – in childhood, as a favorite pastime; later – a place of refuge in difficult times; and today – an ongoing challenge to find means of expression where words fall short."

"I grew up in a time when art was considered an “impractical” career choice. After several false starts in other fields, I took a chance in computer systems (now IT), where I spent the majority of my working years. It was a demanding field, which left little time to pursue my interest in art; however, it was largely the creative element of the work that made it satisfying.
Since retiring to the Central Coast, I’ve felt privileged to live in such a beautiful environment, to have discretionary time to devote to art, and to have the opportunity to engage in a wide community of accomplished artists."

"I’m a representational painter, currently working in water-soluble oils, finding Inspiration from the natural world, whether it be the human face, the figure or a beautiful landscape."

IMAGE: Still Life with Fruit, oil, 11" x 14”

CRAFTMAKERS - Patricia Martin

“The process I prescribe to follows a line. This line travels with tensioned certainty. I am the reply. I am not able to relinquish the action involved in the process of the making. My work is about time and emotion with a back and forth between public and private or individual and collective thoughts that further the evolution of my work and the viewer’s experience."

“Annie Albers argued fiercely for textiles in the relationship of the hand and machine as forward progress. Organized threads, yarns, ropes, metal, pipe, or wood under tension are part of my material undercurrent. Working solitarily, my thoughts are fed by how the viewer responds to the tension. I try to engage the participant to interact with the work from the inside and outside, taking up space and activating a place for introspection alongside social observation.”

Patricia Martin grew up on the Central Coast, lived in the Bay Area for 17 years, then came back in 2005. She holds a BS in Graphic Communications/Design and an MFA. She began learning about textiles and weaving at age 18. She has taught art to elementary school students and weaving to adults. Her recent work focuses on commissions and interior projects. She says, “I am looking for others, in any medium, who would like to explore ideas through conversation and critical discussion of what the art world outside of SLO is exploring.”

Patricia will be at the Makeshift Muse Holiday event, December 10, SLO Public Market (Tank Farm and Higuera) showing botanical prints on fabrics and handwoven items.

IMAGE: Current On-The-Loom work: Cotton and wool weaving, 36" x 96”, to be completed by year’s end. Weaving in traditional overshot patterning to create works that are reminiscent of traditional coverlets but are hung as visual highways. 

PHOTOGRAPHY - Peter Boonisar

"I have been taking photographs for over 59 years — from a bicycle tour of Europe after High School to working with photographer Frank Bez on the first music video and graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1972. I was a Field Training Specialist for Olympus Camera.

"I was diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia in 1987 and completed the 1988 Trans-Australian Bicentennial Camel Expedition, the first crossing of Australia, west to east with camels. I have raised funds for leukemia research by riding my bicycle across the country 3½ times and by walking 12 marathons, as an Official Charity of the City of LA Marathon.

"I taught photography classes locally and on 12 cruises. I started a program that gift-wrapped over 6 million sports trading cards that were donated to Children’s Hospitals around the world. I led photo tours to Costa Rica, Belize, Patagonia, and Africa and created the brand 'Creative Photography Through Imagination'."

IMAGE: Having fun at the Fun Zone, photograph

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