Starting  January 2022 a Participation assessment is expected from all members of each artist group. The amount will be $30 for the first group chosen plus $20 for each additional group selected. See the Membership page for more information.

We will continue to cooperate with the museum in the future.  Each group is expected to have an exhibition in 2022 curated by SLOMA in the newly refurbished Nybak Gallery. Both organizations are busy establishing their new independent directions. In the future, they will jointly determine mutually beneficial programs.

The owner of SLO Gallery wants more free time. The Artists Collective needs a readily available venue in which our artists can exhibit. The Artists Collective has agreed to provide day to day management of SLO Gallery in exchange for exclusive access to it through 2023.

It has to do with the taxman. The Artists Collective is formed as Unincorporated Non-profit Association, not the more familiar 501c(3). This means that it is not a Membership organization and donations to it cannot be claimed as a tax deduction by the donor. A Membership organization means that the members vote on policies. The only Members of the Collective are the individual artist group's President who vote on Collective policies. When an artist signs up, they become a Member of the artist group they choose, and they become a Participant in the Collective. We use Participant for the Collective to make it clear to the taxman that we understand the distinction as it could affect our non-profit status.

PAINTERS is the newest artist group in the Central Coast Artists Collective. The Painters Group (TPG) is the artist group formerly associated with SLOMA and now affiliated with the San Luis Obispo County Arts Council. Artists can be members of both groups and enjoy the benefits each provides.

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