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Formed out of three of the SLOMA artist groups; Sculpture, Craft, and Photography, and later Painters; the Artists Collective's mission is to provide an umbrella of administrative services to our Member Artist Groups and maintain a connection with San Luis Obispo Museum of Art to develop mutually beneficial services.

The Central Coast Artists Collective is a non-profit organization.

Member Artist Groups

Russian Basket
Beryl Reichenberg
Pat McMinnis, Misfortune Cookie
Misfortune Cookie
Pat McGinnis
Pat Brown, Time Will Tell
Photo Society
Time Will Tell
Pat Brown
Blaire Kilbey, Mi Camino, Acrylic
Mi Camino
Blaire Kilbey

Support for Artist Groups


We encourage you to tell other local artists about our Artists Collective and to invite them to join.


Banking and PayPal services from the Artists Collective enables members to manage all aspects of entry into exhibitions.

Exhibition Support

Support for exhibitions for each member group for  2022 at SLOMA.

Kathleen Gerber
Monthly Newsletter

Newsletter to highlight artists, group gatherings, and open calls for entry.

Open Calls For Entry

Upcoming Exhibitions



The CFE for On and Off the Wall,  a collaboration between the Sculptors and TPG, at Art Center Morro Bay is expected in April, 2022.


For any questions, we are here to help.

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